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Building.jpgOver nearly 25 years, TLC International, with World Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, has earned global recognition for highly reliable and affordable equipment

  • for cutting X-Y or shaped (multilinear, circular, curvilinear, free-form) parts  at close-tolerance
  • that seamlessly interface with .dxf (AutoCAD®) files
  • 100% on-time equipment delivery record
  • with quick set-up
  • easy operation
  • low maintenance
  • for R&D, start-up and full production facilities that TLC supports via
    • emergency and after-sales service, 
    • training,
    • technology,
    • R&D assistance,
    • consumable tooling, and 
    • replacement parts. 

TLC's global dominance continues strong growth, with satisfied customers in North American, European and Asian theaters, including industry giants

  • 3M,
  • DuPont,
  • Corning,
  • GE, and
  • several military, avionic, and aerospace facilities.

TLC machines

  • are clean room compatible
  • can simultaneously cut through Nitto® Tape or other protective membranes, producing clean afterbreak edge quality that meets exact tolerance requirements
  • with available options such as CE Certification, consumable tooling and spare parts.

TLC is

  • a Corporate Member of The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE),
  • a Sustaining Member of Society for International Display (SID), 
  • a Corporate Member of the Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA), and
  • is active in several other technical societies including OSA, LDI and SAIAA.
  • Participation in numerous trade shows in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and the USA has given TLC worldwide presence and recognition. 

We offer our sincere appreciation to every customer that has contributed to TLC's success and trust many other companies will benefit in the future from TLC's never-ending goal of providing the absolute best glass processing equipment, service and technology available in the world today.