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 3M Svenska AB"3M Svenska AB uses two Phoenix-600s. We are really pleased with the performance. The yield dramatically increased after installing the TLC machines."

Patrik Moris
Production engineering




“… my thanks to the people at TLC. Our yield on scribing D-shaped cells has dramatically improved over the last months and we were able to clear out our very oldest delinquency without any problem. Our customer has noted the improvement. Keep up the excellent work!” 

Roene de Koning
Business Unit Manager – LCD

Collegeville, Pennsylvania USA




"ADS/TRANSICOIL truly appreciates TLC's willingness to assist us in our scribing and LCD glass cutting process. The support from TLC has been a breath of fresh air.  ADS/TRANSICOL will definitely consider our next purchase of a glass scriber from TLC in the near future."

John R. Weigner, Jr.
VP Sales & Marketing

Collegeville, Pennsylvania USA

 Boulder Nonlinear Systems
“TLC does exceptional work with an excellent turn-around time and combines it with great customer service. They are a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”

Michael Taylor
Sales and Marketing Assistant

Lafayette, CO  80026 USA
Corning Logo

“Everyone is extremely pleased with our TLC Phoenix-600 upgrade to second generation. We are cutting many circles now with much ease. I asked all those who currently use the machine if they are experiencing any problems. They all said everything is fine...all happy with the machine’s operation and versatility.”

Jan Merola
Senior Development Project Leader
Display Technology

Corning, New York USA

Corning Logo
"The Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600 is a great tool. I like the simplicity of design, easy in use, and accuracy of control. It is an excellent tool for product development and production. I also like TLC's quick response
for customer questions and problem solving."

Dr. Michael Ouyang
Thin Film Manager
Specialty Materials Division

Corning, New York USA
Delta Technologies

"In design, performance and maintainability, the Phoenix 600 is unsurpassed. It has had an immediate, positive effect on our throughput. It was delivered on time, installed without a glitch, and runs like a charm! We are looking forward to our next machine already!"

Dr. James L. Schenz

Stillwater, Minnesota USA


I would like to commend you on developing and building an outstanding and superb GEN 3 TLC Phoenix-600 automatic thin glass scribing machine for the Display Industry. The machine is definitely a world class glass cutter built for a glass cutter by a master glass cutting Engineer which has a great depth of knowledge and expertise about glass cutting process. The machine combines high quality performance capability with excellent speed of processing and ease of use second to none. It is almost maintenance free and comes in with a low cost of initial investment easily affordable, which even if used at 20% utilization, it can pay for itself within 2.5 month as we experienced. It provided us with $ 500,000 actual savings during the first year of use based on 20% utilization since we did not have the required amount of glass production for 95% utilization of machine. The performance results it gave us against our former glass cutting machinery from 2 different major glass cutting manufacturers are as follows:

1.    Reduction in glass cutting process variability 85% for 1.1mm glass, 85% for 3.0mm, and 65% for 5.0mm.
2.    Reduction in Setup Time / Lot of 90%.
3.    Reduction in Run Time / Piece of 73%.

Finally, we are very impressed and pleased with the outstanding customer service support you have provided us over the past 2 years and the unlimited process development help we received from TLC International which made using your TLC Phoenix-600 a very enjoyable experience.

We are very much pleased with this machine, and we are excited of your development of TLC Summit GEN V Automatic glass scribing machine for processing of larger glass substrates.


Hassan Farah
Engineering Manager

Torrance, California USA

E3 Displays

“TLC International has been instrumental in the success of E3 Displays L.L.C. over the last several years.  The entire staff is customer focused providing best in class technical knowledge and world class customer service when it comes to all aspects of glass applications for enhanced ruggedized flat panel displays. ”

Chuck Rahrig, President &
Rob Tomasek, Sr. Vice President

a wholly owned subsidiary of E3 Innovation Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona USA


Erie Scientific Company
"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Linden since 1995, and for the past four years with TLC International.  I have been involved in the purchase of multiple scribing machines during this time and have experienced an outstanding level of service throughout.  Mr. Linden and company truly care about the performance of their high quality equipment and pay close attention to customer feedback for continuous improvement of their machine and control software.  Troubleshooting help is always quick and our personnel are quickly routed to the TLC representative with the most knowledge of the situation.  It is always a pleasure to deal with TLC."

David J. Moore
Director of R&D/Process Engineer

Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA
High End Systems

"I have worked with Ernie Linden for about 15 years in my tenure with High End Systems. His knowledge of glass cutting technology is outstanding. We appreciate TLC's 24/7 technical service policy. Their philosophy of supporting customers first and foremost is refreshing."

Keith Cannon
Senior Process Engineer

Austin, Texas USA


"In the manufacturing of our DirectRay direct-to-digital X-ray image capture detector, we demand high accuracy and reliability from our process equipment. This is especially true for our scribing process, where consistently achieving a tolerance of ± 10 microns is a challenge. In the past we have used a custom VPI FAST-24, which, with extreme operator care and extensive maintenance, gave us adequate results - most of the time. However, with the installation of the TLC Phoenix-600® High-Accuracy Rectilinear scriber, our worries are over: The design and construction of the scriber inherently gives us the required accuracy at shorter cycle times and less stress for the operators. And from an engineering/management perspective, the 24/7 service, as well as the extensive know how that Ernie Linden can provide us, is very comforting. TLC: Where were you, when I needed you 5 years ago?"

Kjeld Krag-Jensen
Manager, Process Engineering & Facilities

Newark, Delaware USA


"I have been using the TLC scriber for about five years now and I can't say in just a few sentences what a great piece of equipment it is.  My scriber has never failed me.  With the price of TFT glass these days, it is comforting to have such a reliable piece of equipment and to know there is good service if needed to back me up."

Bill Shankie
Process Specialist

Newark, Delaware USA

JDS Uniphase

"The product specification supplied by TLC is understated.  The machine is able to process glass from 6-mil thick up to 6mm thick with the overall size of 25" x 25" cutting surface.  It is the only machine on the market capable of cutting microsheet and the thicker material without having to change any machine scribe components.  It has the added capability of being able to easily hold ± .001" scribe to scribe, which the machines currently in production cannot match.  The Phoenix-600 is a well-built machine.  After two hours of going over the equipment I was able to program and run all the different tests that were processed during the two days spent at the TLC plant.  All the components of the machine are "off the shelf" there are no special order items.  The programming is 'Windows' based and a PC integrated with the machine hardware handles the machine operation.  The machine has a vision system integrated into the system for alignment and inspection of scribe quality along with the ability to measure dimensional aspects.  It was easy to fine-tune the machine when changing cutting wheels and thickness settings.  With very little effort, Scribe-to-Scribe measurements were less than .001".   Having worked on various Scribe machine platforms, the TLC Phoenix-600 is by far the best investment for the money on the market today for processing small parts with tighter tolerances."

Robert Roller
Lead Operator

Santa Rosa, California USA

LC-Tech Automation

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. and Mrs. Linden for a long time. Their company has installed a TLC glass scriber in a factory owned by a company which is closely related to LC-TEC in Sweden.  Now that LC-TEC Automation AB, Sweden is starting a subsidiary in Southern China, choosing TCL as our supplier was the natural choice.  We are hoping that TLC and LC-Tec can cooperate in supplying machines in the Asian Market where LC-TEC can offer a glass breaker." 

Peter Grufman
Managing Director

Sweden / China


Fabeg Glass 

"It has been our pleasure to work with Ernie Linden since 1992 when we purchased our first glass scriber. Over the years (and multiple purchases of scribing equipment), Ernie has provided outstanding support to our company in maintaining our machines at peak performance. This continuing support includes on-site installation, repairs, training, and technical phone support at any time of the day or night. Through a keen sense of our needs, Ernie works with us to constantly upgrade the performance and application of our machines to keep us at the top of our field. A strong association with Ernie continues through TLC International with ongoing projects and future plans. As a matter of fact, we have just placed a P.O. for our third Phoenix-600. This machine has continuously impressed us with its scribe accuracy and consistency. We have yet to find a need that this machine is incapable of producing."

Jeffery D. Thomaswick
Operations Manager

Naugatuck, Connecticut USA



"We purchased one of the first TLC Phoenix-600 machines several years ago.  We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the scriber, and the on-site service has been superb.  The ease-of-use and reliability of the machine have been so high that we sold our old back-up scriber last year and have not missed it once since then.  Ernie & Maribeth Linden have been excellent at providing knowledge about cutting glass, and are a pleasure to work with.  We will be purchasing our second glass cutting machine from TLC and have not considered going anywhere else.  The shape cutting features, accuracy, and straightforward interface make this machine an unparalleled value."

John Dredge
Quality Manger

Orem, Utah USA

 Ocean Thin Films
“The TLC Phoenix 600 has and still is a real work horse for us. The repeatability, edge quality and speed are all excellent. When the few equipment problems have presented themselves TLC Service has responded rapidly to minimize production down time”

Dennis Froman
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Golden, Colorado USA

PGO company logo 

Dan Bukaty, Jr., Vice President of Engineering, Precision Glass & Optics, Inc., Santa Ana, California USA, purchased TLC Phoenix-600® Serial No. 001 - placing the order after seeing the prototype introduced at SID 2000 in Long Beach, California USA in May 2000.  The incredible part is that the machine was, at that time, not even operational.  PG&O demonstrated their faith in president Ernest Linden, and his promise of what the machine would be.  PG&O issued a purchase order without ever seeing a live machine demonstration or seeing samples produced.

The first TLC Phoenix-600 was delivered to PG&O in February 2001.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to them for their show of confidence. We are especially appreciative for their many referrals from PG&O since that time.

PG&O specializes in high-volume, low-cost optics manufacturing for the highly technical requirements of the precision optical industry.

Dan Bukaty, Jr.

Santa Ana, California USA

Photop Logo

“Here is a process engineer in charge of TLC scriber. The Phoenix-600 has worked well for one year since last service and kept on work for more than 35 hours per week. It has never brought any trouble during last year and been considered a good actor on scribing. I have saved much time and money on scribing process.”

Liky .Lin
Engineer Leader/Engineer Department

Fuzhou, Fujian, China

 Pixtronix Logo
“From the first day I visited TLC 3 years ago to see a demonstration of their equipment to today, TLC’s services and customer relations have been top notch. Our yield went up dramatically after switching to TLC’s cutting services and has remained outstanding no matter how difficult the job has been.”

Mark Andersson
Mechanical Engineer

Andover, Massachusetts USA

Rayotek Scientific, Inc.

”All of us at Rayotek Scientific would like to thank you and TLC International for supplying us with our high-accuracy glass cutting machine and superior technical support. “…The accuracy of your machine greatly improves our ability to achieve the tight tolerances and precision parts for our glass products. We’ve been working with TLC for over five years and as always, it’s a pleasure to work with you and your staff.”

William Raggio

San Diego, California USA

"...The very day your cutting table was installed, we closed a sale that paid for 25% of the cost of the scriber!  You've engineered an excellent piece of equipment. Your expertise and commitment to the process show in all the details. Well done."

Joshua Alemany
Product Manager, Color Filter and Patterns

Round Rock, Texas USA



"TLC is a partner in the thin glass cutting arena for years. We have and will continue working with them based on their excellent know how, reliability and honesty they are bringing to the market since the beginning. Their mechanical cutting equipment is one of the best smaller sized cutting machines for thin glass on the market today."

Dr. Norbert Hildebrand

Elmsford, New York USA

SI Howard Glass
"The Phoenix-600 is one of the best pieces of equipment we own.  It has
been built to last and with amazing precision.  The learning curve was
the easiest we have ever had on any new machine.  I wish we bought it 10
years ago."

Jason P. Perch
Vice President

Worcester, Massachusetts USA

Swedish LCD Center

"On our TLC Phoenix-600, we are now cutting product regularly for several Swedish companies as a second source supplier, and our own production is increasing.  Some are interested in trying our machine, as they have troubles with debris. Our machine is working nicely and efficiently."

Gustav Franklin
Laboratory Manager

Borlange, Sweden

Sucamore Glass Components

"The Phoenix 600 produces some of the best edges we've ever seen.  It has proven to be virtually maintenance free and as accurate as the day it was set up.  The tech support staff is always available and knowledgeable, and the on-site training was easy to understand and very complete."

Steve Steinbis

Sycamore, Illinois USA


"We want to thank TLC for the innovation in scribing thin glass."

Rouven Bilgeri
Engineer Glass Processing

Balzers, Liechtenstein

"I want to say that I am very pleased with the overall response and positive attitude of the staff at TLC. My orders have always been given immediate attention and a quick turnaround."

Joe Romano
Vice President Engineering

Longwood, FLorida USA

"Thank you for the quick response. It is nice to receive the type of service TLC gives on a consistent basis. I am sure this is one of the reasons you are so successful in business."

Randy Amann
Senior Engineer

Santa Rosa, California USA

ZC&R Coatings for Optics

"I really appreciate the support we have received from TLC.  TLC's help with the Phoenix-600's CAD programming features has always been prompt and knowledgeable."

Jim Walker
Thin Film Engineer

Torrance, California USA