Date: August 15, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona USA August 15, 2011 – Since its origination nearly four years ago, TLC’s Outsource R&D Technical Glass Cutting Lab has become a well-established winner, especially for USA manufacturers. Keeping R&D within America’s borders saves companies countless shipping/development/testing/manufacturing expense while helping economic recovery efforts.

For over a decade, TLC has been keenly aware of the growing void involved when new products and processes are required within businesses without resources for in-house R&D glass processing facilities. The US government, military and aerospace applications generally require products/processing that originate within our country.

As microelectronic industries relentlessly strive to design/develop/produce smaller, thinner, lighter, scratch-resistant lass/substrates for mobile electronic device display modules, touch screens, color filters, mirrors, polarizers, optical components, microwindows, viewfinders, etc., TLC’s R&D Lab liaison partnering has proven both economical and expedient.

Our key value is filling the gap for advancement in glass processing and scribing assistance essential to the final phases of current and futuristic products for customers and prospective equipment buyers.

Services include:

  • Precision glass cutting/scribing development and/or enhancement
  • Professional product/process diagnostics and consulting
  • Small-run contract cutting for prospective equipment buyers
  • Fast prototype assistance
  • New materials testing
  • Proficient AutoCAD® drawing/layout single sheet/laminate help (X-Y or shapes)
  • Proven mechanical processing of microsheet glass (>0.1mm – 6.0mm)

To investigate how TLC’s Outsource R&D Technical Glass Cutting Lab can help your company propel visionary new products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently, with the confidence the work will be done on a fast turnaround, utmost quality control, exceptional glass cutting expertise basis, please contact: Larry Linden, VP Engineering: Direct: 1 602 296-1887 or Cell: +1 602 358-9209.

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