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TLC stocks  tungsten carbide, platinum and diamond cutting wheels in many configurations of 4.0 mm and 2.5 mm diameters:

  • Standard, satin finish or unpolished, variety of angles
  • TAP, polished or unpolished, variety of angles
  • Deep Cut  (2.5 mm only)
  • Diamond or diamond impregnated
  • Platinum

Wheel specifications, (angle, ID, OD, thickness, and grind - polished(satin)/unpolished, all contribute to resultant cutting quality and afterbreak yield. There are guidelines to follow for each type of substrate (soda lime, borosilicate, alumina silicate, quartz, sapphire, etc.), but each one may vary.

To determine an optimum wheel for each product requires test and analysis for each substrate. Unfortunately, there is no "set" formula of cutting parameters, as there are many variables.

Please e-mail ( ) or fax: +1 602 866-8280 the following information for TLC to recommend/provide suitable wheels for each substrate:

  • Make, model name and number of glass scriber _____________________
  • Substrate manufacturer _____________________
  • Substrate type ________________________
  • Substrate size ______________________
  • Substrate thickness ______________________
  • Substrate coatings ______________________
  • Surface flat __________________________
  • Substrate age (if known) ____________________
  • Part configuration ______________________________
  • Part size ___________________
  • Axle size__________________________
  • Wheelholder size ___________________________
  • Coating type _______________________________
  • Coating thickness ___________________________
  • Required dimensional tolerance ___________________
  • Helpful comments __________________________________________________


TLC does not provide free wheel samples.

Pricing for wheels depends on quantity ordered. The minimum quantity order is 5. We will be pleased to provide a formal quotation upon request.


In stock: 1 week ARO

Out of stock: 6-8 weeks ARO
Custom orders: Minimum quantity 100, 6-8 weeks ARO

Full payment must be included with the initial purchase order. Payment for the initial order may be via wire transfer or bank draft. For subsequent orders, wire transfers are acceptable, but require an additional  fire transfer fee line item of US$20.00.  Buyer is responsible for all bank charges.

To establish Net 30 payment terms, please provide credit references with the initial order.

As all wheel and axle orders are custom filled, handling/packaging charges are US$20.00 per shipment.

FedEx or UPS account number must be supplied with the initial Purchase Order, with method of shipment instructions detailed. - overnight, second day morning, second day, etc.   All shipping, insurance and duty charges are by Buyer.

Harmonized codes:

  • Wheels: 8208-90000
  • Other consumable tooling: 8517-900800

Country of origin: USA

To ensure shipment on demand in the future, TLC encourages placement of an annual order (to draw and pay against on a monthly basis). This allows TLC to stock required wheels and other consumable tooling to provide shipment of not later than 1 week ARO. This also provides the opportunity to purchase larger quantities for discounted price savings.

All wheel and other consumable tooling sales are final -- no exchanges, no returns.