Phoenix, Arizona USA, May 11, 2005 - The Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® High-Accuracy Mechanical Rectilinear/SHAPES Glass Cutter perfects a monumental achievement in alignment capabilities for repeatable close-tolerance cutting of curvilinear (fillet-corner rectangles, D, arced rectangles) and irregularly shaped products (windshield, rear view mirror, etc.) required for many avionic, photonics, aerospace, industrial, military, and information display applications. Seamless interface with AutoCAD® curvilinear drawings and the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® custom alignment software make this advancement promise to be one of the most valuable technology breakthroughs in high accuracy thin, flat glass (single sheet or laminate) cutting in over a quarter of a century. Layout no longer is limited to rows and columns, thus allowing cost-effective use of expensive substrate materials. Instant target alignment/recall and linear encoder feedback from TLC's proprietary rotating cutting head/CCD camera assembly also increase yields.

Target alignment and setup are greatly simplified using a CCD camera housed in TLC's proprietary rotating cutting head assembly. On-stage measurement and inspection are also easily performed. Unlimited file storage for 100% repeatability of pre-programmed patterns provides infinite scribe/break programs.

Maximum substrate space utilization allows highest yields and cost savings out of expensive substrate real estate. Even if a substrate is placed on the stage at an angle, no product is wasted, as the machine finds the pre-set targets and continues the scribe process accurately as laid out on the substrate.

The Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® has quickly become one of the most premium tools in high-technology glass/substrate singulation, propelling TLC's position in the industry even further than expected. Customers include industry giants 3M, DuPont, Corning, GE and several military and space agencies . TLC reports much of the interest to be focused on the superior multifunctionality and versatility of the machine's capability to cut shaped parts of microsheet (0.003 inch/0.075 mm) to 0.250 inch/4 mm single sheet glass/substrates, as well as providing on-stage measurement/inspection.

The Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® also provides highly repeatable processing of single sheet specialty thin flat glass products such as dichroic filters, heat transfer mirrors, sensors, electrochromic mirrors, electro-optical mirrors, biomedical microslides/cover slips, polarizing filters, entertainment lighting gobos, and a myriad others. TLC's cutting process is quick, clean and dry (no contaminating oil or water), and produces clean afterbreak edge quality rarely requiring grinding/polishing. Utilizing a Toyo's TAP or Deep Cut carbide wheel, TLC's resulting scribes make manual breakout fast and simple for laminated, as well as single sheet products.

When contamination is a concern, the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® cuts through Nitto® tape or similar protective membranes at the same time as the substrate, allowing the coating to remain on broken out parts until it is peeled off in preparation for final product installation.

For further information, please visit TLC's Web site, www.tlcinternational.com, or contact Maribeth V. Linden, VP Global Sales/Marketing, at TLC's World Headquarters, Phoenix, Arizona USA office: +1 602 866-8208 X1886 or direct: +1 602 296-1886, cell: +1 602 448-1538 or e-mail.

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Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® Aligns Circular, Curvilinear & Irregularly Shaped Parts for Repeatable Close-tolerance Singulation

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