Phoenix, Arizona USA, May 4, 2004 - The new Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® High-Accuracy Mechanical Rectilinear/SHAPES Glass Cutter will be introduced at the Society for Information Display International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition (SID 2004) May 25-27 in the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, Washington USA. This multifunctional machine perfects a monumental achievement in alignment capabilities for repeatable close-tolerance cutting of both curvilinear (SHAPE) and X-Y scribes required for many flat panel display (FPD), microdisplay and photonics applications.

Seamless interface with AutoCAD® .dxf drawings and the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® custom software make this advancement one of the most valuable technology breakthroughs in precision thin, flat glass/substrate (single sheet or laminate) cutting in over a quarter of a century.  Layout no longer is limited to rows and columns, allowing maximum substrate space utilization. Even shapes of different configurations can be cut on the same substrate in one program. Instant target alignment and setup are simplified using TLC's proprietary rotating cutting head which incorporates a CCD camera for on-stage alignment/measurement. Precision linear encoder feedback provides greater accuracy, especially in cutting circle or irregularly shaped parts. Even if a substrate is placed on the stage at an angle, no product is wasted, as the machine quickly finds pre-set targets and accurately continues the cutting process as laid out in the program.

Global interest is currently focused on TLC's capability to cut microsheet (0.006 inch /0.150 mm) to 0.250 inch/4.0 mm single sheet glass with pristine afterbreak edges and high yields. Research and development to expand TLC's thickness processing range is ongoing, stretching the limits beyond what was believed to be impossible with mechanical scribing only a few years ago.

When contamination is a concern, the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® cuts through Nitto® tape or similar protective polymer membranes at the same time as the substrate, allowing the coating to remain on separated parts until it is peeled off in preparation for final product or component installation. This makes the machine ideal for cleanroom processing.

For further information, contact Maribeth Linden, VP Global Sales/Marketing, at TLC's World Headquarters, Phoenix, Arizona USA office (direct: 1 602 296-1886, main +1 602 866-8208 X1886), mobile phone, (+1 602 448-1538) or e-mail.  Upon request, the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® will be available for private demonstrations outside exhibit hours at SID 2004 Seattle - [Booth 315.]


GEN-3 Premier @ SID 2004

Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® Debut Set for SID 2004 Seattle

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