TLC to Introduce the Summit Gen-5® Mechanical Glass Cutter at SID 2005

​​Press Release


Phoenix, Arizona USA, March 16, 2005 - In response to countless requests from the technical glass industry for a larger, high-accuracy singulation tool, TLC International is pleased to announce the introduction of their new TLC Summit Gen-5® technical flat glass cutting machine. Following the overwhelming success of the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® high-accuracy mechanical rectilinear/SHAPES glass cutter, the TLC Summit Gen-5® is designed not as a replacement, but as a complement to TLC's current equipment which now commands global recognition for excellence in design, manufacturing and performance.  Still in the prototype phase, the machine should be ready for production in less than six months.

The small (68" x 94" / 1727 mm x 2388 mm) footprint of the TLC Summit Gen-5® will require far less real estate than comparable equipment with the capacity to process Gen-5 and Gen 5.5 substrates. The unobstructed cutting stage of 46" x 58" / 1160 mm x 1460 mm will provide easy integration into a fully automated production line.

The TLC Summit Gen-5® will have similar multifunctional flexibility, quality and accuracy of the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600®, and will also cut single sheet and laminated thin flat substrates into rectilinear, circular and/or curvilinear parts with close precision tolerance. A Windows®-based operating system with seamless interface to AutoCAD® .dxf drawings, integrated with the TLC Summit Gen-5® software, will provide intuitive screens for easy, user-friendly input and simple machine operation.

Unlike other large mechanical glass cutting equipment, TLC's cutting process is quick, clean and dry (no contaminating oil or water), and produces clean afterbreak edge quality. Target setup is instantaneous, with a CCD camera incorporated in the unique TLC rotating cutting head. Repeatable processing of X-Y and shaped FPDs, electrochromic mirrors, dichroic filters, microwindows, heat transfer mirrors, biomed microslides/cover slips, polarizing filters, viewfinders, entertainment lighting gobos, and a myriad of other thin, flat  glass/substrate products will be easily achievable with a TLC Summit Gen-5®.

Providing the prototype build is complete, TLC will launch the TLC Summit Gen-5® at the 43rd annual Society for Information Display International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition (SID 2005) in Boston, Massachusetts USA, May 24-26. [Booth 302]

For more information, please visit www.tlcinternational.com or contact Maribeth V. Linden, VP Global Sales/Marketing: direct: +1 602 296-1886, cell: +1 602 448-1538.

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