The TLC Phoenix-600® Gen-3 High-Accuracy Mechanical Rectilinear/SHAPES Glass Cutter is a feature-rich machine (24" x 24" / 600" x 600" cutting stage) designed for versatility, long-term production, and high-realiability  and close-dimensional tolerance, clean afterbreak edges that generally require no polish/grind processing. It is a low-cost, single head, simple-to-operate, easy-to-maintain glass cutting machine. Rectilinear (X-Y), circular, and curvilinear single sheet or laminated glass/substrate parts are quickly and easily processed with high afterbreak yields.Type your paragraph here.

TLC Phoenix-600® Gen-3

Glass Cutting Equipment

The TLC Summit® Gen-5 High-Accuracy Mechanical Rectilinear/SHAPES Glass Cutter is designed with the same feature-rich flexibility and capabilities of TLC's Gen-3 model, but has a larger (46" x 58" / 1160 mm x 1460 mm) cutting stage for high production environments, requireing far less production floor space than most Gen-5 equipment. 

TLC Summit® Gen-5