Samples Processing

TLC's Outsource R&D TEchnical Glass Cutting Lab provides an initial (one-time) courtesy scribe/break samples processing service to assist current and prospective customers determine acquisition feasibility of TLC's precision glass cutting equipment and technology for production requirements. 

TLC is pleased to comply with execution of a Nondisclosure Agreement whenever required.  TLC honorably respects confidence placed in us by customers and prospective buyers.

Samples are processed to a buyer's drawings/specifications and returned (scribed/broken or scribed only), as directed.  The following information should be supplied with materials for scribe/break analysis:

1.   Substrate manufacturer (Corning, Schott, Pilkington, Asahi, Hoya, etc.) ______________________

2.   Substrate type (soda lime, borosilicate, quartz, etc.) ____________________________________

3.   Substrate size (L x W or circle diameter) _____________________________________________

4.   Substrate thickness ____________________________________________________________

5.   Single sheet or laminate _________________________________________________________

6.   If coated, what the coating is (ITO, dichroic, chrome, aluminum, gold, etc.) ___________________

7.   Required particle contamination protection (Nitto® tape, polymer membrane, etc.) _____________

8.   Description of final part __________________________________________________________

9.   Drawing (AutoCAD®.dxf) and specifications __________________________________________

10. Final part shape (X-Y, circular, curvilinear, multilinear) __________________________________

11. Final part size ___________________________________________________________________

12. Required dimensional tolerance _____________________________________________________

13. Current method of singulation (make, model and type) __________________________________

14. Projected quantity per day/week/month/year __________________________________________

15. Other Comments: ________________________________________________________________

TLC's R&D Lab will determine initial choice of wheel (type, size, angle, grind) and parameter settings (speed, pressure and penetration, etc.).   All materials received will be returned to the buyer, with comments on the feasibility of the project.

Initial samples are processed as a courtesy, with the only cost being return shipping.  Buyer to provide FedEx, UPS or DHL account number with method of shipping, according to urgency of return parts:  

FedEx:  _______________________  UPS:  ______________________  DHL: ______________________

Next Day Priority ______  Next Day: _______  Standard 2-Day ____________ Saturday Delivery: _________  Priority International: ________   Economy International: _________ Other: _________________________

Subsequent samples processing will be invoiced according to quantity, type, complexity and labor (AutoCAD®assistance, setup, runtime, packaging, shipping) required.*

Turnaround varies according to complexity of product, type of glass, equipment setup, time and labor.  TLC makes every effort to process samples in 1-2 weeks.

For samples processing, please send 6-8 well-packaged substrates to:

World Headquarters
Linden Corporate Center
9849 North 21 Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85021-1825 USA
Tel: +1 602 866-8208 
Attention: TLC R&D Lab

AutoCAD® drawings or questions should be sent to Larry Linden, Vice President/Engineering: e-mail

*TLC's intent is to provide the very best possible service to determine feasibility that our equipment and technology are best suited for a prospective customer's requirements.  Our initial courtesy samples service is to simply determine scribe/break feasibility.   Subsequent work to improve products and enhance scribe/breaak processings may require further research and development.  In an effort to  enhance the process, TLC will work with companies on a process development consulting basis, to include AutoCAD®drawing assistance, suggested manaufacturing changes/techniques and alternate substrate choices to better enhance prospective products for scribe/break processing.  This service is available at the prospective buyer's site or at TLC's R&D Lab.  Quotations will be provided upon request.

Disclaimer: TLC International is not responsible for materials broken in transit.