On-site Equipment Service

TLC provides on-site equipment service for all TLC equipment and most makes and models of precision glass scribing equipment. 

Toll free USA & Canada:  +1 866 TLC-INTL (852-4685)

World Headquarters:  +1 602 866-8208

Ernie Linden -  GSM (global):  +1 602 332-8208

Larry Linden - GSM (USA):  +1 602 358-9209

The Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® and TLC Summit Gen-5® field track records are excellent, proving TLC's equipment is ruggedly built for high-reliability performance and full production uptime, providing it is kept clean and maintained according to the Factory Operation/Maintenance Manual.  

Simple troubleshooting many times can be accomplished via e-mail, fax or phone, restoring equipment to full production capacity in a short time.

Service:  LLinden@TLCInternational.com 

Replacement Part Shipment: LLinden@TLCInternational.com

     Domestic: Overnight or next day.

     International:  2-3 days, depending on country location and customs processing.

On-site Technical Service:

     Domestic: 1-2 days, depending on distance required to travel.

     International:  3-4 days, depending on country location and customs processing.

A note of caution:  ANY change in mechanical or software design negates the factory warranty.