Process Development Consulting

Many contributing factors affect a company's final product/s and bottom line profits.  Often, a simple suggestion or process change could reflect thousands -- even tens of thousands -- of dollars saved. 

Optimum afterbreak edge quality and high production yields are keys to success for any glass cutting facility's operation.  Administrative and production managers the world over continually ask, "How can we increase our bottom line"?

TLC's founder and president, Ernest K. Linden, is one of the world's most renowned high-accuracy glass cutting technologists, with a vast span of experience and expertise in high-technology glass/substrate cutting environments.  This lends to his ability to observe and analyze production procedures and methods and determine ways to improve processes/applications, to change or alter methods of manufacturing, or develop more efficient, cost-effective micromachining and fabrication.

TLC encourages companies to do everything possible to improve manufacturing and production. A comprehensive on-site analysis could require several days -  on the other hand, just one day could possibly make a significant difference in profit margins.

Customer testimonials reflect positive results derived from TLC's process development consulting services.

Process development consulting quotations are available upon request.

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