Maintenance and Training Are an Investment – Not a Luxury

The price of preventative maintenance and cost-effective training is an investment in future success, competitive position, market penetration -- often survival. The TLC ServiTrain® Program offers a wide choice of versatility in service and training.

Employee longevity requires dedicated, productive, effective, satisfied people. Investment in training ensures an employee's ability to perform more efficiently and effectively, resulting in positive attitudes, progressive thinking and high productivity.

The level of training to maximize profits in the glass processing area of your business is vital to every one of your customers. Help your staff be all they can be. The satisfaction and rewards gained will greatly reflect on your overall business.

The Choice is Yours

We trust you will take advantage of the TLC ServiTrain® Program and realize the benefits of keeping your glass cutting equipment in peak production condition, as well as helping to develop a highly-skilled, well-trained glass cutting workforce to enhance your company's overall profit margin and competitiveness.

Choose Level I for maintaining the utmost value of your investment in equipment. Choose Level II for added personnel training in the basic equipment operation/maintenance. Additional levels advance administrator/operator skills and expertise in glass cutting/breaking, to reflect bottom line profit margins.

We look forward to watching your progress and gaining the opportunity to be a part of your overall success!

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Number of Days

TLC ServiTrain® Program Description

Overall equipment inspection, cleaning, adjustment and alignment by TLC engineering personnel,


  • Safety switches
  • Wires, connectors and air fittings
  • Vacuum line
  • Belts
  • Servo power
  • Voltage level input/output
  • Stage and gantry level
  • Cutting head tracking and rotational offset
  • X-Y scale reading
  • Encoder feedback
  • Stage squareness and flatness
  • Alignment calibration and repeatability
  • Initialization sequencing
  • Wheel calibration accuracy
  • Software check and installation of upgrades available

II2In-depth administrator/operator training, including Level I plus:

  • Equipment operation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Troubleshooting techniques

III3Advanced operator training, including Levels l & II plus

  • Consumable tooling training (wheel/axle/wheelholder choice)
  • Cutting recipe formulation (speed, pressure, penetration, load, etc.)
  • Reading scribe lines
  • Breakout techniques
  • AutoCAD® drawing assistance

IV4-5Process/Prototype Development, including Levels I, II & III plus:


  • Process development for new products
  • On-sight prototype development

Ensuring Peak Performance and Production from TLC High-Accuracy Glass Cutting Equipment

In our ongoing effort to assist customers in every way possible, TLC strongly suggests all customers invest in our TLC ServiTrain® Program.

Designed to ensure that TLC glass cutting equipment is maintained at optimum production capacity, and that administrative, operating and technical glass cutting personnel are thoroughly trained in every aspect of equipment operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and glass cutting/breakout techniques, the versatile, comprehensive TLC ServiTrain® Program offers a choice of levels to ensure peak performance, operation and production.

TLC ServiTrain® Program