24/7 Global Technical Support: Maintaining optimum customer production is tantamount to TLC International and every effort is made to provide 24/7 global technical support. Service engineers are well trained on most manufacturer's glass cutting equipment. In an emergency, TLC can provide support to most computerized, high-tech glass cutting machines.

On-site Equipment Service: TLC provides equipment service for most makes and models of technical glass cutting equipment.

TLC ServiTrainĀ® Program: TLC International's ServiTrainĀ® Program is to maintain high-accuracy cutting equipment to optimum operating standards for peak performance. 

Training: TLC International's Training Program is designed to ensure that administrative, operating and technical glass cutting personnel are thoroughly skilled and competent in equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure peak performance operation/production

Many contributing factors affect a company's final product/s and bottom line profits. Often, just a simple suggestion or process change could result in thousands of dollars saved.

Optimum afterbreak edge quality and high production yields are keys to success for any glass cutting facility's operation. Administrative and production managers the world over continually ask,  How can we increase our bottom line??

Process Development: TLC's founder and president, Ernest K. Linden, is one of the world's most renowned high-accuracy glass cutting technologists. From R&D prototype assistance to research and development for industry giants such as Corning and Schott, Mr. Linden has a proven track record of experience and expertise for reducing process/manufacturing costs and adding substantial bottom line profits.