Outsource R&D Lab Success

In today’s rapidly changing high-tech environment, being first-to-market is vital to companies that reach and maintain a paramount competitive edge. High-accuracy mechanical glass cutting equipment and expertise have been the core technological advantage in thin flat, technical/specialty glass/substrate product manufacturing since the early 1970’s. Only a few companies in the world manufacture equipment designed specifically to precisely singulate thin, flat, technical/specialty glass (laminated or single sheet) with high yields and clean afterbreak edge quality.

Therefore, it was almost impossible to find an outsource facility for cutting technical thin flat glass for prototype work and short runs. Being able to utilize the experience and expertise of TLC's engineering staff , with a combined 85+ years in high-accuracy, precision glass scribing experience and expertise. 

As the technical glass cutting industry moves relentlessly toward smaller, thinner and lighter glass substrates for mobile electronic device display modules, touch screens, photovoltaic cells, color filters, optical components, etc., including shaped (circular/curvilinear/free-form) laminates, TLC’s Outsource R&D Technical Glass Cutting Lab partnering is proving to be both economical and expedient.  Today, the facility is fully tested and successful.

As a result, TLC began an innovative approach to provide a solution by opening an outsource R&D Technical Glass Cutting Lab to establish close technical glass cutting liaison partnering within a variety of industries.

Outsourcing technical glass cutting R&D services provides the ability to be first-to-market without a major investment in capital equipment acquisition, often leading to enhanced effectiveness by permitting a company to focus on core competencies and lessen its demands on tangible resources.

After ten years, with proven success in the European, Asian and North American theaters, and satisfied customers including industry giants such as 3M, DuPont, Corning, GE, and government avionic/space agency facilities, TLC became keenly aware of the ever-growing void involved when projects are brought to the forefront within companies without the resources for an in-house R&D facility.

For these reasons, TLC’s Outsource R&D Lab is the ideal solution to long existing problems. 

Services include: 

  • Fast prototype assistance
  • Small run production with quick turnaround
  • Product development consulting
  • Research and development on small runs
  • Close communication with design/development engineers
  • AutoCAD® assistance and layout design
  • Process development
  • Shaped laminate design development and design

Investigate how TLC’s Outsource R&D Technical Glass Cutting Lab can benefit you and your colleagues to propel visionary new products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently, with confidence that the work from TLC will be done with highest quality control, precision equipment, quick turnaround and confirmed technical glass cutting expertise.

To discuss particular projects, contact Larry Linden, VP Engineering:  direct +1 602 296-1887, cell +1 602 358-9209., or e-mail.

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